About platform

RED Community is a communication platform for developers of residential real estate. A community created for the purpose of effective communication of the participants of the residential real estate market.


  1. Targeted up-to-date information according to members’ needs:
  • Event formats – cases, solutions;
  • Monitoring of members’ needs for topics;
  • Absence of advertising performances at 10 closed events per year.
  1. Target Audience:
  • Community members – only real estate developers;
  • The Community does not involve sponsors and partners in closed events.
  1. Effective communication formats that allow you to get the maximum consulting and experience of the members:
  • Marketing&Sales World Cafe;
  • Meet Up;
  • Workshop.
  1. Large-scale events – extensive communications
  • The most ambitious final event in the residential real estate market of Ukraine – ForumRED;
  • Open events on the topics relevant to the market.
  1. The ability to clearly plan the budget and the amount of membership in the Community in advance:
  • Fixed periods for payment of membership fees.
  1. Communication support for Community members:
  • 12 hours for the annual package – consulting the project team in the field of communications, PR, events, etc.



RED Community members are provided with the following options:

  • 10 closed events per year for Community members only;
  • The most ambitious final event in the residential real estate market of Ukraine – ForumRED;
  • Provision of PR consulting services: 12 hours per year (1 hour per month);
  • Invitation as a speaker of a company representative to the events of RED Community (once a year when selecting an annual package) with the interest of both parties;
  • Placement of company information on the site and page of RED Community in social networks;
  • Recommendations of the leading media expert from the company-participant for comments in articles, reviews of the real estate market;
  • Placement of the company’s logo and news on the website and page of RED Community in social networks;
  • Providing materials from RED Community events.